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Why a kid'z website?

Well, it's a wonderful way to share your child's achievements with family, friends, and co-workers on the WWW! Kids can use all the encouragement, praise, and recognition they can get. This is a very busy world. So busy, in fact, that family and friends can't keep up. A special place, where a child's achievements activities and talents can be shared with all, is a great way for everyone to keep up with the life of a busy kid. It's a great place where a kid can feel good about themselves, and see for themselves the products of their hard work.

What will it look like?

It can look any way you like it! It can include personal messages to family and friends. You can add photographs of family, and artwork done by the kidz, showcase their achievements at school, sports, hobbies, clubs and special family times. Added graphics and other nice touches will create a happy, delightful, interesting place for others to visit on a regular basis.

Typical Pages Include:

  • Welcome Page
  • About Me
  • My Favorite WWW Places
  • School days - A collection of favorite completed
        school projects
  • Hobbies
  • Family photo gallery
  • Response Page

A website design-package can be selected from a number of templates or created from scratch with you, your child, and Webz4Kidz working together to create a very unique sharing place.

Prices will vary according to the content, number of pages, and whether it's plain or fancy, and how often you want it updated.

What will be YOUR job?

Well, you provide all the content, photos, drawings, and the like. Then, decide what "mood" the website should have: studious, fainciful, light-hearted, or formal. Finally, be ready to select from a number of ready-to-go templates, or give concrete ideas for a "start-from-scratch" design. You make the decisions about what to put on the website. Webz4Kidz will offer suggestions and other creative ideas to assist you.

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